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Hello, students!

I've created this wiki for you so that you can share information about me and my classes with other students. I believe that this can be a very powerful resource for you in order to empower you to do the best you possibly can in my classes. Except for this page (which is protected), and, perhaps a few others (at my discretion) I won't edit or censor pages in any way unless some of the content simply becomes outrageously offensive or illicit. In fact, who knows what all of you students will come up with!

If you're a student and looking to find something more "official," I suggest you check your student coursepage (which can always be accessed with, the student FAQ (which can always be accessed at, and the other pages I've created specifically for current students. If you're not one of my students or if you just want to find out more about me as a scholar, please go to my homepage and start there.

Since this is your page, I'll keep this short. As always, I recommend students discuss issues with me in person, so feel free to see me before or after class or to contact me via some other method.

Best wishes,

Bruce Makoto Arnold, PhD

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